Saturday, August 24, 2013

Full circle pattern

I’ve had a lot requests how to sew full circle dress for little and big girls. 

So I made this one and it goes from 1 to 8 years. 
It is made to go over the head, two arms at the same time, no zippers, no buttons!

YOU MADE THIS - Thank you all!

 Leah made this beautiful, elegant brown circle dress size 7

Aurelie size 8: 
''It's lovely and my daughter is more than happy ! :) The double bow on the back is beautiful!
I was affraid it would be a little short when i saw the pattern, but the length of the skirt is perfect.''

 Michelle size 5:
''When we asked the little girl in the size 5 dress if she liked it, she said "I don't like it, I LOVE IT", so well done on an winner pattern!! ''

 Krista made this beautiful, elegant circle dress size 7

Rebecca size 5:
''I love this Full Circle Dress. It is probably my favorite so far! ... 
The most wonderful thing about this dress is the closure. "What closure?", you say. Exactly!
The low scoop in the back allows this baby to slip right buttonholes, no zippers. The bow is sewn over the scoop and holds everything nicely in place.''

Ali made this beautiful Pirate style dress size 6

Becky size 7:
''Finished the dress, my daughter LOVES it (she never loves what I make lol).  
The pattern was easy to follow.''

Dian made full circle dress size 3:
''I am a beginner sewer and found the pictures on the tutorial it self 
its enough to explain what I need to do & I LOVE the final dress 
(as you can see here my daughter love it as well).''

Melissa size 5:
''It was a beautiful pattern. Very easy to follow directions. 
The fit is perfect and this was a quick sew.''

Angela has made beautiful kitty dress size 2

Jodie size 3:
''The Size 3 is a perfect - she is normally a standard size 3 in all of my hand made items.  
The twirly photos were totally un-prompted - she just loved to twirl in it!!  
I found the pattern super easy to follow and there were no tricky bits ( I love that!)''

April size 6
''I just want to let you know how cute this dress is. 
My daughter loved it and didn't want to take it off! 
The fit is great--she normally wears a 5 but I wanted a little room to grow and the 6 is perfect for that.''

Emma size 3:
''On the whole, a wonderful pattern!! 
I really wasnt sure when I was making it how it was going to look on, 
but it is super sweet and VERY twirly!!! 
My 3 year old is in LOVE with it and doesn't want to take it off 
despite being absolutley freezing here and the middle of winter! :-)''

Marika size 2:
''I really loved making the dress and know it won't be my last one!
The pattern was really well done, just like all the others I tried.''

Alicia made 3 beautiful size 2,3 and 8:
''LOVE this dress!''

Christine size 1:
I think it fits perfect once you get it on. 
I think i am going to add snaps to one side of the bow to assist in dressing. 

 Michelle size 1:
''My daughter is a smallish 22 month old, I thought I could squeeze her into the size 1 and when I made it, it actually does fit her really well! no squeezing required :)''

Nikki size 1:
''This dress was easy and relatively quick to stitch up, and comes up beautifully! 
I'd be happy to recommend it as a beginners pattern (due to no zips/buttons).

My daughter wore her dress for the day and she got compliments at the supermarket, 
school pick up and out at the plaza for afternoon coffee!''

Alicia made this adorable little dress size 3

 Michelle size 1:
'' ... size 1 dress is a perfect dress for non-standing babies too because of the full circle skirt!'' 

Jessica made this beautiful full circle dress size 1

quick and easy, yet fancy enough to wear to a special event or a night on the town.


  1. Susan, such a great round up of dresses. I love them all! The pattern is so great and it lends itself to so many unique designs!

  2. Is this pattern still available? I am DYING for it!!

  3. can it be made in cotton knit jersey?

  4. wonderfull!! amazing!!! where an i get the pattern (in belgium) please?

  5. Do you still have this pattern available? I can't seem to find it :(

  6. Can i have this pattern please?

  7. Can i have this pattern please?

  8. I was looking for your full circle dress sewing pattern.

  9. I was looking for your full circle dress sewing pattern.

  10. Is your full circle dress pattern still available would love to make it for both my granddaughters.