Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kids PDF applique template patterns

My new listings on Etsy, boys and girls applique sewing patterns.

Some of girls appliques: Minnie Mouse, crown, hat and apple ...

And for a boys, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, rocket and pirate ship applique.

Any 10 applique for $10.
See all sewing applique patterns from my Etsy shop.

The applique template is an outline drawing of the design shapes that you can print on A4 size paper and trace onto your own materials. 

Use for sewing or iron-on applique projects such as: shirts, totes, pants, bibs, baby blankets, bags, nursery decor, home decor etc.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Reversible dress pattern - easy sewing project for girls

I made this cute reversible dress for my 4 year old daughter. One side (floral) is made of cotton and other side (brown) is made of linen. My little girl loves both!
Learn how to make this reversible girls dress with my step by step tutorial. Paper pattern included.

How to: Sew a buttonhole with the sewing machine

To begin, you will need to mark the buttonhole placement on material. Use fabric marker and mark just above and below the button (1/8``).  This mark will be a placement guide when creating the buttonhole.

Take the button and place it in the button guide place.

Select your buttonhole stitch. Some machines have several different buttonhole stitches.  My machine has automatic buttonhole foot.

Once your machine is set up, all that you have left to do is create the buttonhole.
Pull down the buttonhole lever (push) as far as possible (the buttonhole lever is positioned behind the bracket on the buttonhole foot.). Apply consistent pressure to your foot pedal, and allow the stitch to run the programmed cycle.

 When it is through creating the buttonhole, it will either beep or stop, depending on your machine.

Using your seam ripper, slice through the center of the buttonhole but avoid cutting through your stitching lines.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Looking for a girls skirt pattern?

DIY easy skirts tutorials for beginners

I have been sewing up so many of these skirts for my daughter and I decided to make tutorials and patterns for them. 
This tutorial will show you how to make skirts that are comfortable to play in. They are perfect for beginners and all have simple elastic waistband. 

This one is blue floral ruffled skirt, with satin ribbon. It can be worn in 3 different ways.
This reversible skirt pattern is one of the most popular pdf tutorials in my shop. It can be worn in 2 different ways, floral or green style. 

My daughter adores this one! It is ruffled skirt with fabric flower and fabric button decoration.